Bringing sketches to life

There’s nothing more satisfying as an indie dev than sketching down an idea and then implementing that idea in your game world. In this post I wanted to pay tribute to some of the earlier sketches and how they turned out, being implemented in the Cosmic Badger universe.

The grass stage were the first levels that I worked on. I had very little experience as a “pixel artist” at this point and I actually went through a couple of iterations of the sprites before I got it to a state that I was happy with. I’ll cover some of those in another blog.

Concept art for the grass themed stage

The industrial stage took a day or two to complete the background for. I hadn’t really gotten a grasp on gradients at this stage and was changing the variation in shadow manually by changing the brightness/contrast. Everything was very much a learning process.

Concept art for the industrial themed stage

Despite its simplicity, the toy stage came out as one of the best. The varying colours made it much more of an interesting level, landscape-wise. Some of the sketches were crudley drawn and then done properly from scratch on computer, others were scanned and then inked.

Concept art for the toy stage. Some of these sprites are still a little rough as I never re-touched them later. I’ll get to them.

The black and white levels were some of the hardest to get just right. The foreground obstacles had to contrast enough from the background to be visible but that’s kind of hard when you’re working with the different tones of the same colour all the time.

This came out as one of my favourites

How much has your own concept art reflected your final game? Could it still be improved or are you happy with the results?