Back from sabbatical

For anyone following previous posts, you may have noticed a distinct lack of activity for a long time. This has mainly come down to a couple things:

1. Launch Frenzy

Launching a game is stressful business, you gotta create press kits, draft press emails, register as a business owner, taxes and a whole lot of other boring adult stuff.

2. Burnout

I’ve spent the good part of two years plugging away at this little project on evenings and weekends. I’ve missed an Australian Summer (as an Irish person, that’s quite a sacrifice) confined to a text editor, chasing the idea of seeing a game through to completion. When I had the realisation that I wasn’t an overnight millionaire post-launch, I decided to take a step back and enjoy my freedom for a while.

I’ve finally been able to read again, play video games (I might finally complete GTA) and staying out late on a weekend. While all of this has been great, there’s unfinished business. I’ve created a playable game and have received some good [albeit mixed in a few circumstances] feedback on it but it’s still missing some finishing touches. It’s time to give it one last go before moving on to new projects.

More blog posts coming soon!